Arts, Music, and Theology

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Arts, Music, and Theology is a mission and ministry of Montreat Conference Center. It’s purpose is for to provide the community with educational nourishment via various lectures and lecturers during our summer season. Themes of the lectures span disciplines.

2023 Lecture Season

 Tuesday Evening Lectures
June 13“The Psalms of Middle-Earth: Tolkien’s Use of Songs to Tell a Story and Create a World”
Alec Peters
June 20“Melodious Accord: Singing the Hymns of Alice Parker”
Beth Neville Lancaster Evans and Janet Legro
June 27“Refugee, Asylum, and Humanitarian Law in the U.S.: Examining the Legal Implications and Human Cost of Inhumane Policies”
Deirdre Giblin
July 11Food for the Future: Stories from the Alternative Agro-food Movement
John Brueggemann
July 18
“Can We Save Our Vanishing Birds: The Earthly and Spiritual Elements of the Journey”
Anders and Beverly Gyllenhaal
July 25“Soundtracks: Film Music, Liturgy, Community”
Eric Wall
August 1“Art and Sacraments: Choreography of Grace and Space”
Ann Laird Jones

2022 Lecture Season

July 12
“Signs and Seals: The Colorful History of Presbyterian Symbols”
Alec Peters
July 19“Visual Beauty in Calculus”
Austin Jones
July 26“Womanist Wit and Wisdom”
Rev. Dr. Edna Jacobs Banes and Rev. Amantha Barbee accompanied by Eric Wall
August 2“Teaching Evolution, with Care”
Dr. Miles Engell
July 28“Participatory Aesthetics: Integrating Visuals into Church Communities Through Congregational Engagement”
Catherine Kapikian and Grace Evans

2021 Lecture Season

June 22“Seeing Theology” Hannah Garrity
June 29“Some Stories of Art, Family, and Food: How Lila Bonner Miller Anticipated the Alternative Food Movement” Dr. John Brueggemann
July 6
“In Memory of Dr. Jim (Jimbo) Bryan: A Celebration of Life”
Dr. Henry Wilde and Richard DuBose
followed by
“Anatomy of a Supreme Court Case Affecting Many”
Jim Hamilton
Location: Convocation Hall
July 13“From a Vexillologist’s Perspective: A New Mississippi State Flag” Alec Peters
July 20“Hearing Theology” Eric Wall
July 27“We’ve Come This Far, But Have A Long Way To Go: The Black Presbyterian Story” Rev. Dr. Byron Wade

2020 Lecture Season

DateTopic/SpeakerView Link
July 7“Disease, Strategies of Prevention, Herd Immunity, Immunization”
Dr. James (Jim) Bryan
July 14“Next Best Thing to the Olympics”
Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Shoenfelt
July 21“Beethoven and Paradise: Exploring Masterpieces”
Eric Wall
July 28“How the Planet Responds to a Pandemic: Environmental Concerns”
Patrick Miller
August 4“Imaging the Triune God”
Dr. Mark Achtemeier